A Bavarian story

Malik Arrendell and Thomas Hoffmann - these are the two minds behind MINDZMOVE. In bringing together their respective knowledge and expertise, the two of them have created a concept that addresses body, mind and heart in equal measure. MINDZMOVE - pronounced Mind-Set-Move - is a play on words indicating that your mindset, i.e. your thoughts and convictions, are set in motion – in synch with your body. Our concept offers you an approach that is both fun and well-founded in scientific research. In our training Parcours, you playfully select your exercises using the software of our equipment. In fact, our machines and devices are more like exciting furniture that make you curious to explore different positions and possibilities. It is completely up to you how you want to approach the individual levels of your mindset and your body: choose freely between our exercises, the mindset levels and the mindset mottos.

"Health has never been more important.

This is why we need to include mental balance, in addition to physical

health, into training and fitness concepts."

Malik und Thomas

The founders

Die Gründer Thomas Hoffmann und Malik Arrendell

Thomas Hoffmann

Thomas has been an entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry for three decades. As a physical therapist and health economist, he has owned several businesses, including a physical therapy practice and a health-focused fitness club. He understands the entrepreneurial challenges of both physical therapy and fitness businesses.

As a consultant, Thomas focused on the development and implementation of innovative training concepts and new ways of strategic positioning. Among other things, he is the founder of the franchise brand “Rücken College”, a holistic concept for back training. 

For several years, the born Lower Bavarian has intensively studied the interaction between body and mind. Thanks to many conversations with patients, clients and customers, he knows that the real reason behind a complaint is often not (exclusively) a physical problem, but mental and psychological stress resulting in physical symptoms. These insights led to him to the creation of MINDZMOVE.

Malik Sylvester Arrendell

Born in Munich, Germany, with German/Caribbean roots, Malik started his career in competitive sports. As a former member of the German national basketball team, Malik first encountered biokinematics several years ago, when he was successfully treated by specialists in the field after serious sports injuries. What is more, mental training and the reprogramming of negative systems of beliefs in order to improve performance in competitive sports have always played an important role in his career. After studying sports management, Malik gained valuable experience in managing health and lifestyle clubs. Subsequently, he spent many years in marketing consulting and as a private lecturer, before dedicating himself to completing a training as an alternative practitioner training and specializing as a biokinematics expert. To date, he has worked with almost 3,000 trainers and therapists as a coach. This experience and knowledge fostered the idea of a new concept that was to take into account the psychological factors related to health in addition to physical aspects. Thus, together with Thomas, he founded the company MINDZMOVE.