The MINDZMOVE-Parcours

Well thought-out functionality, modern design, a long product life span - that's our machines and devices described in a nutshell. We place great emphasis on using materials that are easy to keep in good condition and we make sure that individual parts can be replaced if needs be. In doing so, we guarantee a long service life of the entire MINDZMOVE Parcours. As a premium supplier, MINDZMOVE stands for high-quality craftsmanship and appealing design.


The MINDZMOVE-software

A true world novelty


For a healthy and happy life, a positive mindset is as essential as physical health.


Therefore, training in the MINDZMOVE Parcours is assisted by suitable mottos, our MINDZ mottos. They are selected via a specialized software and guide you through your physical training in the MINDZMOVE Parcours.


Our Parcours is so unique because it, for the first time, uses mental and emotional aspects to structure and personalize your training. Next to physical aspects, your exercise recommendations are based on factors such as mood, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Like this, we tackle both the mental and the physical level at the same time. 

Premium quality + design + biomechanics

Trainingsgeräte von MINDZMOVE

Material & Details

Logo von MINDZMOVE an einem Trainingsgerät

The components of our machine (base plates and side panels) are made of high-quality birch multiplex boards, covered with furniture linoleum and cut with high precision with CNC machines. The connecting parts are solidly mortised and screwed. The cheek edges and birch bars are oiled several times. The sliding surfaces that undergo mechanical stress during usage are all wear-resistant and maintenance-free, offering noiseless, low-friction service. The upholstered rolls and floor cushions are neatly edged with the imitation leather of your choice. A zipper integrated into the upholstery rolls makes it easy to change the imitation leather cover. We rely on materials that are easy to keep in good condition and make sure that individual parts can be replaced, should the need arise.

Sustainable, social & regional

One thing that is firmly set in stone with MINDZMOVE: the ecological and social awareness of the company’s two founders. MINDZMOVE manufactures exclusively in Lower Bavaria, thus creating regional jobs in a rural are. Equal opportunity is our top priority when it comes to selecting employees, both regarding handicaps, nationality and gender. All MINDZMOVE partners are hand-selected. We clearly value enthusiasm and appreciation higher than quantities and profit.

No compromise.

Highest craftsmanship

Thomas Hoffmann und Malik Arrendell

However, optimal selection of materials and a resource-saving, socially responsible production alone do not suffice to create a truly innovative training device. Therefore, we add a special touch by making each and every MINDZMOVE product unique – as unique as its users and owing its excellent quality solely to the high expertise of each individual employee.