"We support you right from the start"

Malik Sylvester Arrendell

Implementation training

In this foundational training, you and your team will become familiar with the MINDZMOVE basic concept. We start with a closer look at the foundations such as anatomy and biokinematics, then moving on to the connections between stress (emotional pain) and the musculoskeletal system. This theoretical introduction is followed by a practical session in the MINDZMOVE training Parcours, where you will also learn how to use the software. 

This training is conducted by one of our experts on-site at your location.

End customer presentation

This lecture offers you assistance when it comes to the implementation of the concept in your studio or its presentation at the opening. All contents will be presented in a professional yet individualized way by our speaker so as to meet your customers’ needs. This sales promotion measure is particularly well suited for the launch day of the concept. Like this, you will have a successful start with MINDZMOVE from day one.

Marketing Support Package

For our clients, we offer a comprehensive marketing support package covering everything from the opening to the acquisition of new customers. The marketing support package includes, among other things:

  • End customer brochure
  • MINDZ cards
  • Info flyer
  • Exercise guide
  • Recommendations for your online presence 
  • … and much more! 

Accessories and interior design

You really want to set the stage for the MINDZMOVE Parcours? Our MINDZMOVE accessories and room design tools offer you everything you need to create an appealing room concept and the perfect atmosphere. They include: 

  • Room modules and furniture (table, chairs, bench, storage compartments – all matching the CI[SN1]  of MINDZMOVE)
  • Decorative elements (pictures and wallpaper)
  • Signs and displays (indoor and outdoor)
  • Merchandise