MINDZMOVE: our brand name combines the two words "mindset" and "move". These two words describe precisely what our method is all about! In fact, they represent the two pivotal points that influence our health and well-being significantly.

The MINDZMOVE concept unites physical training with mental training. Our method is based on the movement concept of biokinematics. We have extended it by including mental as well as emotional aspects (negative beliefs, stress, emotional blocks, etc.). The result is a holistic training that has an effect on both the physical and the mental (psychological) level – “emotional movement” in other words!

MINDZMOVE – pronounced Mind-Set-Move – is a play on words indicating that your mindset, i.e. your thoughts and convictions, are set in motion – at the same time as your body. What is more, MINDZMOVE is about playful exploration: with the help of our specialized software, you choose your exercises for the MINDZMOVE training Parcours yourself. In fact, our machines and devices are rather like exciting furniture that make you curious to explore different positions and possibilities. It is completely up to you how you want to approach the individual levels of your mindset and your body: choose freely between our exercises, the mindset levels and the mindset mottos. Are you curious to find out more? 

Flexibility training on the machine

Active Stretching - Fascia Training - Muscle Length Training - Flexibility Training

Biokinematics is a concept from Movement Science. It is all about the natural mobility of the human body with a special focus on the interplay between muscular and fascial tension. When this balance becomes skewed, for example due to repetitive movement patterns, immobility, one-sided strain or trauma as well as chronic pain are very often the result. The development of diseases such as osteoarthritis or herniated discs is also greatly promoted by such pathological changes in the musculoskeletal system.


Via the targeted exercises in the MINDZMOVE Parcours we help you to gently restore the natural tension of the myofascial structures in your body, thereby consistently taking into account the functional muscle chains. Training in the MINDZMOVE Parcours thus makes an important contribution to the health of your entire body, both in cases of acute pain and as a preventive measure.

Mental training

MINDZMOVE is not only about physical training, but also about developing better awareness of your own body, emotions and mind. The postures only develop their full effect, when you perform them with a conscious mindset and giving them your full attention. An attentive, mindful stance is so important because, in the Parcours, you practice the different postures and the accompanying mindset mottos repeatedly. Your brain responds to this repeated practice with functional and structural adjustments. You can compare this effect to a muscle gaining more and more strength through regular training. In this way, MINDZMOVE can help you to perceive your emotions more acutely and learn how to regulate them. 


 For a healthy and happy life, a positive mindset is as essential as physical health. The MINDZMOVE method combines both aspects, body and mind, and leads to a better quality of life in a sustainable and lasting way.


One of the cornerstones of the MINDZMOVE method: our MINDZ levels. They designate the different mindset levels of human beings. Each of them is associated with a specific area of the musculoskeletal system.


A negative mindset has a direct influence on the muscle groups and organs in the associated area and can manifest itself as pain or dysfunction. For example, stress in everyday life often leads to neck tension or sleep disturbances.


In order to transform attitudes that are potentially detrimental to your health and your emotions into positive, health-promoting mindsets, we employ our carefully chosen MINDZ mottos. In the MINDZMOVE Parcours, you select them individually via specific software instructions.


Subsequently, they guide your through your physical training on the machines in the Parcours. This combination allows you to release blockages and muscular tension and create a balance of body and mind.

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