MINDZMOVE: our brand name combines the two words "mindset" and "move". These two words describe precisely what our method is all about! In fact, they represent the two pivotal points that influence our health and well-being significantly.


The MINDZMOVE concept unites physical training with mental training. Our method is based on the movement concept of biokinematics. We have extended it by including mental as well as emotional aspects (negative beliefs, stress, emotional blocks, etc.). The result is a holistic training that has an effect on both the physical and the mental (psychological) level – “emotional movement” in other words!


Physiotherapists use our concept both in prevention and in rehabilitation. For them, it is particularly efficient, because, in addition to physical training, it takes into account mental aspects as well. Moreover, the concept can be extended for use in mental pain management.


Flexibility training, fascia training, muscle length training, biokinematics - it is impossible to imagine today’s fitness companies and competitive sports without these forms of training. Adding another layer by including mental aspects, we have created further benefits that allow you to meet the needs of both existing and new customer groups.


"Yoga on a machine" – this is how our partners describe it, when they combine yoga with MINDZMOVE. The synergy of this combination does not only lead to more customers and new target groups, it also creates a stable stream of additional income.


Pain coaches, health coaches and professionals with a background in psychotherapy - they all use the MINDZMOVE concept as a vehicle to transport their own contents and to provide their clients with a firm anchor. 

MINDZMOVE – as unique as your specialization!


MINDZMOVE supports new businesses and start-ups! We provide you with all the necessary building blocks to start your own studio. Create your personal style by adding your individual strengths and services to create a solution that perfectly meets both your and your clients’ needs. Find your own style with MINDZMOVE!

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