The BASIC GROVE allows you to perform the most important biokinematics exercises on a single device, including rotation, and thus covers all dimensions of movement. In addition, you can use it for countless other exercises - completely without tedious rebuilding. This offers you and your clients maximum flexibility with minimum effort and space requirements.


Anterior muscle chain,

Posterior muscle chain,

Diagonal muscle chain,

Spiral line


Depending on the exercise: cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, hip, knee, foot/ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, rotation


  • Base plate and sides made of multiplex boards covered with high quality furniture linoleum 
  • Multi oiled cheek edges and round bars
  • Curved couch shape
  • Lordosis cushion removable by Velcro
  • Lateral hand grips
  • Comfort cushion roll
  • Comfort knee pad
  • Non-slip foot block


  • Adjustable knee fixation with position marker
  • Adjustable foot block with position marker
  • Different exercise designs by attaching small roll cover at the top and side of the device
  • Tape fixation on the crossbar  


  • Cushion and strap set

Upholstery color freely selectable


Length x width x height (cm)

150 x 80 x 85


55 kg