What does the research say?

Knowledge from sport and exercise science, applied brain research, epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology come together to create a completely new, holistic approach.

Pain due to emotional stress?

Dr. Robert Schleip confirms that emotional pain has an effect on fasciae. The messenger substance "transforming growth factor", which is released during stress, causes the fasciae to contract. The result: pinched nerves and the associated activation of pain receptors.

The latest studies from Harvard Medical School, supervised by fascia researcher Dr. Hélène Langevin, postulate that stress hormones can render our fasciae more "inelastic". This insight suggests a direct biochemical link between stress and tension. However, we do not always perceive these negative influences directly, as they can work on different levels of our consciousness.


Studies conducted at Saarland University examining the influence that different physical and psychological factors have on mobility come to a similar conclusion:


"Mobility is higher when psychological stress scores, which are associated with negative well-being, are low. Simultaneously, high recovery scores expressing a positive state of mind also account for better mobility."

(read study – German only)

Our partner: Dr. Katharina Schmid

Dr. Katharina Schmid

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med Katharina Schmid, born in 1969, studied medicine in Vienna. She completed her training as a pathologist at the Institute of Clinical Pathology at the Medical University of Vienna, where she subsequently worked as a specialist. Since 2009, she has been an independent physician in Straubing, Lower Bavaria. In 2011, she habilitated as a private lecturer as part of her many years of teaching and research activities. 


In her book "Kopfsache Gesund - Die Wissenschaft entdeckt die Heilkraft der Gedanken" [Health as a matter of the brain: Science discovers the healing power of thoughts] she explains in a scientifically sound way how purposeful thoughts have a healing effect and how we can benefit from this healing power.